Morpho to Participate in SustainAir’s Final Conference: Circular Aviation in the EU

Morpho is gearing up to participate in the forthcoming Circular Aviation in the EU 2024 conference, set to take place on June 11th and 12th, 2024. Hosted as the final conference of the SustainAir project, this significant gathering is dedicated to advancing sustainable practices in the aviation sector. Industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators will converge at the prestigious Arcotel Kaiserwasser in Vienna for this pivotal event.

The conference agenda promises a diverse range of sessions and discussions tailored to address the challenges and opportunities within the aviation sector’s transition towards a circular economy. Day 1 kicks off with a welcome lunch and networking session, followed by an opening address by Georgios Bampanis, Project Officer at CINEA, Aviation & Maritime, European Commission.

Morpho’s involvement takes center stage during the “EU Sister Projects Unite” session, where it will join forces with other key projects like CAELISTIS, DOMMINIO, and INFINITE to discuss collaborative efforts in advancing sustainability within the aviation industry.

The day continues with a panel discussion focusing on sustainable aviation innovations and methods supporting the circular economy, followed by networking opportunities during the evening dinner.

Day 2 promises equally engaging discussions, starting with an innovation roundtable on digitalization for aviation. The conference’s packed agenda also includes expert presentations on end-of-life solutions and world café sessions delving into the life-cycle of planes, smart materials, and innovative composition.

The event culminates in a panel discussion on the future economy of essential materials, emphasizing the circular approach as a cornerstone of aviation sustainability efforts.

Morpho’s presence at the Circular Aviation in the EU 2024 conference underscores its dedication to pioneering innovative solutions that not only advance the aviation industry but also promote environmental stewardship on a global scale. Beyond showcasing its innovative contributions, Morpho recognizes the importance of networking and collaboration with other key projects like SustainAir, CAELISTIS, DOMMINIO, and INFINITE. This collective effort amplifies the impact of sustainable practices, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas are shared, partnerships are formed, and progress is accelerated.