MORPHO Takes Flight at the Paris Air Show: Redefining Aerospace Innovation 

The Paris Air Show is back, and the stage is set for MORPHO to captivate attendees with its visionary contributions to the aerospace industry. In collaboration with project partners Synthesites and Fundación Empresa Universidad Gallega (FEUGA), the project coordinator École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) will represent the MORPHO project at this prestigious event. Together, they aim to showcase the remarkable advancements in aerospace technology and reinforce the importance of collaborative innovation. Visit the joint stand in Hall 2A – B276 to witness the future of aerospace firsthand! 

At MORPHO’s joint stand, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the future of aerospace technology up close. The MORPHO project has developed real-time embedded/printed FBG, piezo, and thermocouple sensors that are set to redefine aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. By integrating these sensors into airplane structures, MORPHO enables aircraft parts to possess a remarkable ability to “sense” and provide timely warnings in the event of any issues. 

The integration of piezoelectric and temperature sensors into airplane engine components allows for advanced monitoring and early detection of potential problems. By measuring temperature and pressure during the manufacturing process, these sensors enable the manufactured parts to have an inherent ability to detect and warn of any abnormalities. This early detection capability empowers maintenance teams to identify and mitigate risks before they develop into significant problems, ultimately reducing the risk of unexpected failures. 

Swift Maintenance and Improved Reliability 

One of the key advantages offered by MORPHO’s sensor integration is the ability to fix airplanes 50% faster than traditional maintenance methods. The real-time monitoring and detection of potential issues allow maintenance crews to address them promptly, saving valuable time and reducing aircraft downtime. By minimizing maintenance intervals and maximizing reliability, MORPHO aims to significantly enhance the efficiency of aircraft operations and ensure passenger safety. 

The MORPHO project is eagerly awaiting your visit at the Paris Air Show! Make sure to stop by our joint stand with the European Commission and other EU entities in Hall 2A – B276 and experience firsthand the groundbreaking innovations that MORPHO brings to the aerospace industry. Engage with our experts, test the piezoelectric and temperature sensors embedded in airplane engine components, and witness the future of aerospace technology.