MORPHO joins the Green Project Expo platform

MORPHO is now part of the Green Project Expo (GPE), an international platform created to connect and communicate innovative projects from different economic sectors that seek to build a more sustainable world. It serves as a large-scale digital exhibition to reach a wide audience, create and disseminate events or make contacts.

Green Project Expo brings together various projects from all kinds of industries, from water treatment to transport or health, energy efficiency, technology, forest management, agriculture, oil, and gas or smart cities. ECOVAL is included in the “Transport” category, where it shares space with Xcar or 3Rsouvenir, favoring the creation of networks between projects with common interests. All of them are linked by the search for sustainable and smart solutions in a traditionally polluting industry.

MORPHO’s presence in this new digital space that functions as a loudspeaker brings it closer to achieving its communication and dissemination objectives. Belonging to this platform offers a great opportunity for the project in terms of visibility, impact, development of synergies, and networking. Check here MORPHO’s page on GPE or take a look at its Twitter and Linkedin!