MORPHO emerges as top 3 Finalist in JEC Innovation Awards

We are thrilled to announce that MORPHO has secured its place among the top 3 finalists in the prestigious category of “Equipment Machinery & Heavy Industries” for the JEC Innovation Awards. This recognition celebrates the most successful and innovative collaborative projects in the field of composites. 

MORPHO’s Groundbreaking Entry: Automatic Composites Moulding System  

The submission, the Automatic Composites Moulding System, made by our partner Synthesites together with Safran, stands as a testament to MORPHO’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in composite technology. This fully sensorized mould revolutionizes the moulding process by offering real-time monitoring and control, ensuring an optimal and automated production cycle. 

Embedded sensors within the mould track the resin flow, while inline sensors check the resin’s viscosity at the pipes. The Cure Simulator provides an accurate online estimation of ongoing viscosity and cure, ultimately reducing cycle time, energy consumption, and ensuring impeccable quality. 

Revolutionizing Composite Innovation 

MORPHO has developed a comprehensive system for real-time sensing of resin flow and curing, incorporating advanced dielectric sensing technology. In collaboration with Safran Composites, this technology has been applied to an industrial Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) advanced application for manufacturing a typical test panel used in Foreign Object Damage (FOD) tests. 

Our innovation enables real-time information about resin presence, accurate estimation of viscosity, degree of cure, and Glass Transition Temperature. Proprietary dielectric sensors, in direct contact with carbon fibers, provide complete online estimation of filling and curing processes, ensuring unprecedented transparency and accuracy. 

In the pursuit of excellence, MORPHO has forged a formidable alliance with industry leaders. Our valued partner, Synthesites, stands as the world leader in industrial intelligent process monitoring and control, specializing in curing and resin arrival. With a strong track record of collaboration with major players in wind energy, aerospace, automotive, and other industrial sectors, Synthesites brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Together with the esteemed collaboration of Safran Composites and Safran Tech, these partners have played an integral role in the development of the groundbreaking Automatic Composites Moulding System.  

Innovation Awards and Global Recognition 

The JEC Composites Innovation Awards, established in 1998, aim to identify, promote, and reward the most innovative composite solutions worldwide. MORPHO’s recognition among the finalists reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of composite materials and contributing to the advancement of the industry. 

Over the last 26 years, the JEC Composites Innovation Program has involved more than 2,000 companies worldwide, with 225 companies and 573 partners being rewarded for the excellence of their composite innovations. 

The Path Ahead: The Final Judgement 

As finalists, MORPHO is now on the verge of potentially winning the JEC Composites Innovation Awards 2024. The winners will be announced on February 8th, 2024, in Paris, following meticulous evaluation by an external jury composed of esteemed Composites professionals. 

We express our gratitude to our dedicated team and partners for their collective efforts, and we eagerly anticipate the final verdict in this prestigious competition. MORPHO remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of composite innovation and contributing to the evolution of the industry. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of the JEC Composites Innovation Awards 2024!