MORPHO’s Consortium Meeting at FEUGA


On 6 and 7 October, partners from the Consortium and members of the Advisory Board had a face-to-face meeting on Santiago de Compostela, hosted by FEUGA, with the possibility to assist online for those who could not attend in person.

These two sessions were aimed at sharing all the work done so far by each of the partners. The participants spent two days presenting and discussing their work, results, and deliverables. The technical work packages of the project were discussed and analysed, giving the partners the chance to discuss all the open technical issues that currently exist by trying to provide solutions to overcome them.

The overall management and progress of the project as well as the project communication and dissemination activities featured also prominently on the agenda.

During the first day, Feuga organised an initial IPR workshop for consortium partners to set to raise awareness on IPR protection and collect partners’ interests and views.

Advisory Board 

This meeting was also the first occasion on which the Advisory Board members could attend the meeting. Stephane Delalande, from Stellantis, and Elena Martín, professor of aeronautical engineering at the University of Vigo, were the two members involved in this meeting. At the end of the second session, they gave feedback on the project progress, as well as their interesting insights.

Finally, the MORPHO partners set the next steps to be taken and left looking forward to the next opportunity to meet and share their experiences.